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Grand Final 2017 Lane Draw
Lane 1  Leicester Sharks
Lane 2  City of Derby
Lane 3  Camden Swiss Cottage
Lane 4  Guildford City
Lane 5  City of Leeds
Lane 6  Stockport
Lane 7  Southport
Lane 8  Tynemouth

The Grand Final 2016 took place at the Corby International Pool on 27th November 2016

Congratulations to all the competing teams

Grand Final Result 2016
1st  Guildford 303
2nd  City of Leeds 282
3rd  Plymouth Leander 251
4th  Stockport Metro 221
5th  Gateshead & Whickham 192
6th  City of Norwich 187
7th  City of Derby 176
8th  Northampton 145

The 2016 Grand Final takes place on Sunday 27th November 2016 at the Corby International Pool

The Southern and Northern Area Finals will take place on 2nd October 2016

Southern Final Details

Northern Final Details

Age groups for all three finals this year will be as follows:

9yrs age on day (27/11/16)

10yrs 31/12/16

11yrs 31/12/16

12yrs 31/12/16

The result for the Northern Area Final 2016 was as follows:

Northern Area Final 2016
1st City of Leeds 237
2nd Gateshead & Whickham 207
3rd Stockport Metro 187
4th Northampton SC (4 x 1st places) 156
5th Southport SC (1 x 1st place) 156
6th Louth SC 83

Good luck to City of Leeds, Gateshead & Whickham, Stockport Metro and Northampton SC who move forward to compete in the National Final in November.


The result for the Southern Area Final was as follows:

Southern Area Final 2016
1st Guildford City 238
2nd Plymouth Leander 193
3rd City of Norwich 164
4th City of Derby SC 156
5th Thurrock SC 141
6th Leicester Sharks SC 125

Good luck to Guildford City, Plymouth Leander, City of Norwich and City of Derby SC who move forward to compete in the National Final in November.

The Grand Final 2016 takes place at the Corby International Pool on 27th November 2016.

What a final, 2015 saw eleven records fall, three of them in team events:

Notable long standing records went - Kaiden Welsby of Stockport felled a 1998 record in the Boys 10yrs backstroke, Ed Mildred of Northampton felled a 2008 record in the Boys 12yr 50fly, Lara Turan of Guildford saw off a 2009 record in the Girls 9yrs Fly

Fabulous swimming from all.

1 G 12/under 4x50m Medley Relay Gemma Peters / Shannon Stubbs / Lucie Peck /  Grace Madsen Norwich 
2 B 12/under 4x50m Medley Relay Akal Rehal / Dalton Clapham / Ethan Sutcliffe / Safwan Shaikh Leeds 
3 Girls 9 years 4x25m Freestyle Relay Isabella Dash/ Louise Bressler/ Heidi Hemming/ Lara Turan City of Guildford